New Jersey Association for Infant Mental Health


The New Jersey Association for Infant Mental Health is a statewide organization open to all professionals working with young children, ages 0-5, and their caregivers.

Founded in 1990, NJ-AIMH was created to increase awareness of the importance of psychosocial development in infancy, increase competency in the areas of cultural and ethnic diversity, and facilitate statewide cooperation among multidisciplinary professionals and organizations concerned with promoting the optimal development of infants and caregiver-infant relationships.

P.O. Box 43662
Upper Montclair, NJ  07043

Ph: 973-655-6685

Why Join NJ-AIMH?
New Jersey has a number of organizations that help promote a positive trajectory for young children. Infants and young children deserve supports that help nurture caregiving relationships.  NJ-AIMH aims to be the professional home for all those working with young children and their families. Join NJ-AIMH to help shape education and public awareness of the importance of infant mental health in New Jersey, and to build your professional portfolio towards Endorsement.
What is Infant Mental Health?
Infant Mental Health supports the relationship between primary caregiver and infant. Infant Mental Health advocates, programs and professionals promote the young child's capacity to experience, regulate, and express emotions, form close and secure relationships, and explore the environment and learn, within the context of relationships in the caregiving environment. 
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  NJ-AIMH Competencies and Endorsement are Here!  (See our Endorsement tab for more information.)

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